Tasmanian SCUBA Dive Clubs

The Combined Club Weekend provides an opportunity for every SCUBA club in Tasmania to come together for a weekend full of diving adventures! Not only this, but it is also an excellent way for those divers who haven't yet found a dive club that suits their diving style, or for divers who need to get in contact with their local club.

Below you will information on and links to each club participating in the CCW. At present, only Tasmanian SCUBA clubs are in attendance (although there has been guest appearances in past years from mainland Australian clubs), but the CCW is open to divers from anywhere around the globe.

If you are interested in getting involved and would like to contact a club directly, just follow their link below, check out their club page, then drop them a line through the supplied contact forms. Alternatively, send us a message through the CCW contact page above, and get involved directly with the CCW event for 2015!

Tasmania University Dive Club - Hobart

Originally formed by a small group of keen students in the 1970's, The Tasmanian University Dive Club (TUDC) hails from UTAS' Sandy Bay campus in Hobart. Fast forward a few decades and the club is growing stronger than ever. The TUDC is committed to safe and affordable diving, catering to all levels of skill and experience. Membership is not only for students; Alumni and non-students are welcome to join, and currently make up around half of the member base. Night diving, weekend club trips, research and conservation programs, cheap gear hire and access to the club's 15 foot aluminium Tristar dive boat are just a few of the benefits on offer to TUDC members.

The TUDC primarily dives in the southeast of Tasmania, home to some of the world's best temperate water diving. Day and weekend trips are regularly made to Bicheno on the East Coast and down to the Tasman and Forestier Peninsulas. TUDC divers can also be found bubbling at Bruny Island, Betsey Island (including the wreck graveyard), Maria Island, Wedge Island and many more great spots. A few of our favourite dives include Waterfall Bay, Isle de Phoque, Nine Pin Point, Tinderbox marine reserve and the Fortescue Bay kelp forest.

Check out our club website for more information: http://www.tudc.org.au

Ocean Divers Plus SCUBA Club - Launceston

Ocean Divers Plus is a Launceston based dive club, which was formed in November 1994, from two Launceston based dive clubs. They were the Ocean Divers Tas (formed in 1988) and the Launceston Sub-Aqua Club (formed in 1967). Both Clubs had similar aims and membership.

Today ODP is an active club of about 60 members, which have monthly meetings (or "Damp Dives" as we call them) at the Gunners Arms Hotel on the second Thursday of each month. We run regular dives all over the state, but dive the mouth of the Tamar River quite regularly. Our club runs a compressor which allows members to fill tanks for free 24 hours a day, and has 6 club tanks for hire to members as well.

Along with diving ODP runs regular social events, like bus trips, BBQs, movies nights and a regular weekly pub night, at an inner city local pub.

Contact Ken Saville the public officer on 0419 177 540.
Check us out on facebook for all things up to date

Check out our club website for more information: https://www.facebook.com/groups/119830178028769/

Tasmanian Scuba Diving Club - Hobart

The Tasmanian Scuba Diving Club is an extremely active Hobart based dive club that dives every weekend all over the state as well as trips interstate and overseas. Our dives cater for all tastes and abilities from easy shore dives for new divers to technical decompression diving for those that want to expand their abilities as well as everything in between.

Meetings are held upstairs at the New Sydney (Room 10) on the first Tuesday of each month starting at 7:30pm. Come along and introduce yourself - you won't be disappointed. If you can't make it to a meeting, send us a message from the website and we will get back to you.

The club has its own boat, the "Y Knot", a Rigid Buoyancy Boat (RBB) which is perfect for diving. The "Y Knot" is stable, comfortable, easy to dive from with plenty of room for up to 8 divers and has a roof for shelter from the elements. The club also has a tow vehicle, a portable compressor, a BBQ and a range of tanks and hire gear for it's members.

We hope to see you in the water soon!

Check out our club website for more information: http://www.tsdc.org.au

Leven SCUBA Club - North West Tasmania

The Leven SCUBA Club (LSC) is the oldest and at the present time, only SCUBA dive club operating on Tasmania's North West Coast. Formed in 1978 it's still active and has a small but enthusiastic membership committed to promoting safe, affordable recreational SCUBA diving.

Financial members are eligible to receive free air fills from our own compressor and participate in discounted charter dives.

We are also actively involved in environmental and community activities which directly or otherwise affect the sport of SCUBA diving and the marine environment. As well as diving for fun, LSC members help in harbour cleanups, survey work and many other underwater activities of a non-commercial nature. We are committed to the conservation of shipwrecks and other vulnerable dive sites.

Check out our club website for more information: http://www.levenscubaclub.com.au/

Tasmanian Diving Academy (TDA Crabs) - Hobart

The Tasmanian Diving Academy ("TDA Crabs") is a recreational diving club based in Hobart. We are a small, friendly group that dives mainly to enjoy the magnificent underwater world on our doorstep. We dive once a fortnight at a variety of locations in Tasmania, both in Marine Protected Areas as well as in other areas where those with licenses can collect some abalone,crayfish or scallops. Most of our dives are an easy drive from Hobart. Our diving is low cost because we mainly dive from shore or use member's boats but occasionally dive with locally based dive operators.

A few of our members have taken part in the combined club's weekend on previous occasions and we look forward to participating again in the future.

Check out our club website for more information: http://tdacrabs.atspace.com

Tasmanian Sub Aqua Club - Hobart

The Tasmanian Sub Aqua Club (TSAC) is one of the largest and oldest scuba diving clubs in Tasmania. We have over 40 members of varying experience ranging from beginners to instructors.

Dives are organised every second weekend and our Friday night dive & dine evenings are also popular. The planned Dives range from easy Shore Dives to Deep dives. TSAC dives are planned for the SE of Tasmania with weekend trips to Bicheno, Tasman Peninsula, Maria Island, Recherché Bay etc. Regular Dives are usually made from Pirates Bay heading North or South to many fantastic dive sites, from Port Arthur along the Southern parts of the SE coast or from Marian Bay to Maria Island, Visscher Island etc. D’Entrecasteaux channel dives are also a regular location for club shore & boat dives.

Members of the club have a strong interest in UW photography and videography. Many OS diving trips are undertaken by members travelling together. Usually 1-2 per year are organised.

Club Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at the New Sydney Hotel in Bathurst Street, Hobart. Members and guests usually meet at 6.00pm for a meal and the meeting starts at 7.30pm.

The club can be contacted via one of our monthly club meetings or alternatively contact us via Email: tsac@netspace.net.au or snail mail at TSAC, PO Box 181, Rosny Park, Tasmania 7018.

Check out our club website for more information: http://www.meetup.com/Tasmanian-Sub-Aqua-Club

Sea Green Dive - Tasmania

Sea Green Dive is a social group for divers of all different levels of experience. We organise dive trips through our Facebook page and offer free refresher dive courses to our members. Our members often organise their own trips and there is no minimum commitment or membership fee.

We have members in the north and south of the state. Our members are interested in underwater photography and videography and there are several boats owned by club members.

Our instructor also provides one-on-one tuition for continuing education through the PADI system. We do overseas trips every few years and combined club weekend is our major catch up for the year.

Check out our club website for more information: http://facebook.com/groups/seagreendive

Dive La Trobe - Victoria

Dive La Trobe is the SCUBA diving club of La Trobe University, based in Melbourne, Victoria.

Incorporated in 1967, one year before the Universities official opening, the club has evolved to now welcome La Trobe students, staff and alumni, as well as a number of 'non-La Trobe Community' members.

Preferring to remain active all year round, you will find our members underwater both in and out of semester. The club has its own boat, "Nauseous", and regularly conducts weekend trips around Port Phillip Bay and the Bass Strait.

Dive La Trobe is also a registered PADI training facility and runs courses from Open Water through to Divemaster, as well as a range of specialities. We place a large emphasis on the continued education of members, encouraging all within the club to develop their dive skills and knowledge.

Above the water, our club remains very active through a variety of social activities. BBQ's, trivia, movie nights and other events help to bring our members together on a regular basis.

2015 will see Dive La Trobe return to the CCW for the second time in as many years - something we're very excited about!

Check out our club website for more information: http://www.divelatrobe.org.au